Trends in Defense Department Energy P3s

18 Mar 2016
10:45 am – 11:30 am

Trends in Defense Department Energy P3s

Representatives of the military services will provide status reports on energy partnership policies and projects, while the private sector provides feedback on recent projects.  Speakers will discuss the opportunities that exist for growth in this area and how partnerships can play a central role in helping the military achieve its mission goals.  At the same time, they will suggest how lessons learned from past partnerships can be applied to future projects.


Robert Eidson, Lead Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton


Capt. John Kliem, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy Program Office, Office of the Assistant Secretary (Energy, Installations & Environment), U.S. Navy

Anita Molino, Principal, Bostonia Partners LLC

Michael Wu, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Installations, Environment, and Energy, U.S. Air Force